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What is the CCMS?

CCMS refers to the Client and Cost Management System, which is a digital case management system, set up by the Legal Aid Agency. It is specifically associated with legal aid cases and is used by legal professionals to manage their clients, document case details, and handle cost management related to legal aid work.

The Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) was introduced to streamline and digitise the process of applying for legal aid and managing the associated costs. It allows legal professionals to submit applications for legal aid online, manage case details, and submit claims for costs in all types of legal aid cases, including family and criminal legal aid cases.

The CCMS stands as a vital tool for both legal aid providers and the Legal Aid Agency (LAA), ensuring the efficient and effective provision of legal aid.

Using the CCMS brings forth numerous advantages, including:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Providers can streamline their case management processes, leading to time savings through use of the CCMS.
  • Reduced errors: As a secure system, the CCMS aids in minimising errors in case management and cost submissions.
  • Increased transparency: The CCMS offers a clear overview of caseloads and costs, contributing to improved transparency.
  • Improved data: The CCMS generates valuable data that can be used to enhance the delivery of legal aid services.

As a dynamic system, the CCMS undergoes constant evolution, with the LAA dedicated to enhancing its user-friendliness and efficiency. Our team of seasoned Costs Draftsmen and Legal Aid Costs Lawyers are well versed in the system, providing high-quality training on maximising the potential of the CCMS.


Legal Aid Learning and CCMS Training

Our team of experienced cost professionals provide legal aid learning and training on the Client and Costs Management System, ensuring that your team members are fully adept to using the comprehensive system. Our proficient trainers will provide practical, hands-on training and valuable insights for effective implementation.

Our legal aid learning and training is tailored to the specific needs of your company cand covers all facets of the CCMS, including the submission of legal aid bills, providing your team with the skills to submit accurate and timely bills to the Legal Aid Agency.

Backed by expertise in the CCMS and extensive experience in training legal aid providers, our trainers are passionate about assisting providers in maximising the benefits of the CCMS, ultimately enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.


Why choose ARC Costs for Legal Aid Learning?

The team at ARC Costs are highly experienced in all areas of Costs Law, including Legal Aid Learning and CCMS training. We are ideally placed to train other professionals on how best to use the system to make full use of the benefits it offers. 

We assist a number of legal companies in quantifying, administering and submitting their cost claims via the CCMS login process online. The most common areas of work we deal with are civil, family (ancillary relief, Children Act and domestic abuse matters) and care/supervision order work.

If you would like more information on any of the services we offer, including CCMS training, please get in touch with us today at 01204 397302 or


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