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What We Do

Our team of experts have in excess of 20 years experience. Find out below how we can help you.

We're an experienced costs drafting firm

ARC Costs started in 2013 with the vision of providing a cost-effective draftsman service for SMEs. With over twenty years’ experience in external and in-house law firms amongst the team, our costs team understand the pressure faced when drafting costs.

Usually, external Cost Draftsman services deliver a two-week turnaround on instructions, and for bigger firms they may have their own in-house department for drafting costs, though they should still use external providers in order to achieve and drive best results. 

Often, providers become more focused on closing files off for the end of the month to hit their targets and on turnover of work rather than delivering results for each instruction. At ARC Costs, we operate a 5 working day SLA turnaround time on instructions, without monthly targets attached. This allows us to focus on the results rather than output of instructions for the month, and to ensure you receive the correct advice to maximise your recovery.

We're the only paperless law costs practice in England and Wales

Over the years we’ve seen businesses change to paperless case management systems, meaning work becomes more efficient and less laborious. At ARC Costs, we believe this is paving the way for many industries, especially for the legal profession which is known for their mountains of files.

For the services we provide, we can operate a remote access system to allow us access to files which in turn, will speed up the entire instruction process. This is how we achieve an efficient 5 day turnaround from the point of being instructed, whilst many firms still work to a 14 day turnaround time.

There are many benefits of remote access including less files to physically put together and send, time wasted printing out papers and transporting them and lastly, the hassle of instructing your costs draftsman which can now be done at the click of a single button/sending of a short email.

What are the security implications?

The question we often get when determining the route of instruction often is around the security risks in providing remote access.

By providing us with remote access, you can determine the level of access we have, so there isn’t any risk in compromising sensitive data on your system. You’ll be able to see what work has been done, and when – giving you better visibility.

What you can expect with our legal costs service

We’re a pragmatic and forward thinking costs draftsman service/ costs lawyer, which means if you need a team to act upon and draft costs in-house, we can provide that service.

  1. Upon instructions being received and your file is recorded on the database, we’ll provide the SLA.
  2. Your file will then be allocated by your client manager to one of our expert cost draftsman.
  3. Our internal SLA is two days less than external SLA, to ensure file is received in good time and can be checked by your client manager.
  4. The draft file is then returned to you to check.
  5. On approval of a Bill, it is prepared for formal service and checked by a second auditor prior to sending.
  6. If informally served, Part 8 proceedings will be drafted within 14 days for approval and to commence litigation.
  7. Your client manager will finally conduct negotiations and report back to you on a weekly basis until the case is settled, and at key points of litigation.

We always ensure we deliver results

Our management team regularly monitor and track all cases to ensure we’re performing to deliver results. At any given time, we can send a report on the progress our team are making.

What makes us unique to any other law costs draftsmen service is that we measure ourselves on the outcome of the case and not the number of cases we get through in any one time. Quite often, law costs services aim to get through as many cases as they can per month, which can easily affect the outcome of any one case.  We are quality focussed, and will never over-burden our staff with instructions to ensure that they provide the utmost quality service.

Our Strong Points

We focus on the recovery of costs payable by a paying party in any legal matter through the preparation of Costs Budgets (Precedent H), Statements of Costs (N260) and Bills of Costs.  Our Law Costs Draftsmen also provide costs negotiation and advocacy services for detailed assessment in all legal matters.

  • Costs Drafting
  • N260
  • Costs Negotiations
  • CPR 45 Fixed Costs

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