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What is the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL)?


The Association of Costs Lawyers act as the representative body for qualified Costs Lawyers in England and Wales. Costs Lawyers are regulated individuals who specialise in cost law and cost management within the legal profession. A Costs Lawyer must become a member of the Association of Costs Lawyers to be able to practice as a Costs Lawyer.

The Association of Costs Lawyers protects and promotes the interest of Costs Lawyers.


What is a Costs Lawyer?


Costs Lawyers are regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board under the Legal Services Act 2007. Regulated Costs Lawyers hold rights of audience in costs disputes, and have the right to conduct costs litigation, whilst following a strict code of conduct.

Costs Lawyers can assist in the following areas:

· Inter Partes Costs 

· Solicitor and Client Costs 

· Legal Aid Costs

Court of Protection 

Costs Lawyers regularly undertake the following tasks in order to quantify costs and to negotiate an amicable resolution:

· Drafting Bills of Costs and Schedules of Costs.

. Handling fixed costs disputes and recovering outstanding disbursements.

· Drafting Costs Budgets pursuant to Costs Management Orders.

· Drafting Points of Dispute and Points of Reply.

· Advising on retainers and fee agreements between Solicitor and Client (on issues such as hourly rates and success fee deductions).

· Providing advocacy services or acting as a Costs Mediator.

To qualify as a Costs Lawyer, you are required to undertake a three year modular training course alongside three years of supervised costs practice, for example as a Law Costs Draftsman. Costs Lawyers are also required to have professional indemnity insurance cover in place before practicing. The academic aspect of qualifying as a Costs Lawyer involves different units to study and assignments, with training provided by experienced professionals from the Association of Costs Lawyers.

In relation to the qualifying employment aspect of becoming a qualified Costs Lawyer, the three years of employment in costs is required to be done during or after the studying. Upon completing these two elements, you can then apply to the Costs Lawyer Standards Board for a certificate and upon issuing of this, you will become a qualified Costs Lawyer under the Legal Services Act 2007.

To become a full member of the Association of Costs Lawyers, you must firstly complete the Costs Lawyer Qualification.


Our Association of Costs Lawyers Members  

Our Legal Costs Director, Robert Collington, is a highly experienced legal professional. As a qualified Costs Lawyer, he is regulated by the Costs Lawyers Standards Board (CLSB), and also a member of the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL). 

Robert, as part of ARC Costs Limited, also carries Professional Indemnity Insurance, as required by all Costs Lawyers in the country.

ARC Costs is currently building a team of regulated Costs Lawyers, who work alongside our costs draftsmen and legal costing experts. Our qualified Costs Lawyers are members of the Association of Costs Lawyers.

As Costs Lawyers are regulated, like a Solicitor or member of CILEX, a Costs Lawyer has rights of audience in Court, and is also able to conduct litigation (such as detailed assessment proceedings) and administer oaths in relation to costs proceedings.  As such if required, Robert is able to be on Court record to conduct costs proceedings on behalf of a Solicitor or Litigant in Person.


How Can ARC Costs Assist?


ARC Costs support their team in being members of the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL), with individual Costs Lawyers being regulated and governed by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board. ARC Costs trade in England and Wales with their registered office being in Bolton, Greater Manchester. 

As a team of qualified Costs Lawyers/Law Costs Draftsmen, ARC Costs can assist in all matters relating to legal costs, whether you are a receiving or paying party. As well as assisting solicitors and law firms with their legal costing matters, we also help litigants in persons.

If you require assistance in a matter, you may contact us on 01204 397302 or via email at Alternatively, you can contact us via our live chat facility below, to speak with a costs expert directly.


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