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LAA Online Billing & CCMS

Legal Aid Agency online billing is conducted using the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) Online Portal (also known as CCMS). The system allows Legal Aid providers and Legal Aid Agency staff to access specific forms, reports, documents and administration tools online.

The online portal facilitates the use of 7 different applications that each have a different role for the function of the business. For example, the Contracted Work and Administration (CWA) application allows for the acceptance of Legal Aid contracts. The Management Information (MI) application allows representatives to view their organisations financial details. When LAA online billing services are required, the legal aid representative can use the Client Cost Management System (CCMS).

The LAA Online Portal is operated by the Legal Aid Agency, an agency of the Ministry of Justice.


Using the CCMS for Legal Aid Billing

Often in publicly funded matters, an order for detailed assessment of a legally aided parties costs is directed. This entitles the Legal Aid Solicitor to recover their costs from the LAA, unless an inter-partes costs order has been made.  If a final order is not made, the legal aid certificate will need to be discharged for their to be a right for legal aid costs to be assessed.

To claim back costs, Solicitors must quantify their costs and submit either a Payments on Account (POAs) if the case is ongoing, or submit an interim (if one of multiple aspects has concluded) or final bill (if the final bill to be submitted) for aspects of work completed using the LAA online billing system (CCMS).

The Legal Aid Agency has strict rules that must be followed when submitting invoices. Our Legal Aid Costs Draftsmen can assist you with this to ensure everything is submitted correctly.

When bills are submitted to the LAA, they will be checked to ensure compliance will all guidelines. Once accepted, it is likely that the LAA will request evidence in support of the work carried out by the solicitor. This may include supporting court documents and invoices, before paying the solicitor for their work.

Some solicitors may recover costs for all completed work; however, some reductions may also be applied if the LAA deem the amounts being claimed as incorrect or unreasonable.


How can ARC Costs Assist?

ARC Costs has a team of legal aid costs draftsmen who are specialists in LAA online billing. We are experienced in claiming back costs through the LAA for our clients and also processing via the CCMS system, working to maximise your costs recovery.

It is also worth noting that in exceptional costs cases (in which a fixed fee does not apply), the cost of utilising our Costs Draftsmen preparing your Bill can be recovered from the LAA.

To find out more about how we can provide you with assistance, please get in touch with us at 01204 397302 or email our team of experts at Alternatively, please use our free chat facility to speak to an expert directly.

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