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The Benefits of Utilising ARC Law Costs Draughtsman & Costs Lawyers



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What is a Law Costs Draughtsman


Law Costs Draughtsman / Costs Lawyers assist in quantifying your legal costs, and presenting the same in the form of a Costs Budget (Precedent H) or a detailed Bill of Costs. They also assist in negotiating your Bill of Costs, and in conducting detailed assessment proceedings. Cost Lawyers are similar to a Costs Draughtsman, but have rights of audience and can provide legal representation at any Costs and Case Management Conference (CCMC) or detailed assessment hearing.


What are the Benefits of Using a Law Costs Draughtsman?


  • Recovery of legal costs has become its own complex are of law, and it is of paramount importance you instruct a specialist to ensure:
  • In preparing any Costs Budget, your law Costs Draftsman ensures the incurred costs to date are tallied correctly and also that you claim the full extent of future anticipated costs, which can be recovered at 100% on conclusion of the case if approved by the Court at the budgeting stage.
  • Your 3 column or electronic Bill of Costs claims the full extent of recoverable costs recorded on your file, that the indemnity principle has not been breached and that a fully compliant document is prepared.
  • You have an expert team of Law Costs Draftsmen dealing with your costs negotiations to maximise costs recovery, and to ensure that you adhere to all relevant deadlines as part of the detailed assessment process.
  • You have an experienced costs advocate ready to represent you at any detailed assessment hearing, whether it be the County Court or in the Court of Appeal.


Why Choose ARC Costs as Your Costs Draughtsman?


There are many Costs Draughtsman available in the legal market however, ARC Costs are the only legal costs experts that specialise in adopting a digital approach. With many Solicitors/Legal Executives choosing to adopt paperless systems, adopting a primarily digital approach to costing ensures that our turnaround times are better than other providers, and that our accuracy levels are higher based on the software that we use.

Our Costs Draughtsmen assist all all types of legal matter, and each have a specialist area of expertise, with Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence/Medical Negligence and Legal Aid being a common source of cost dispute. We also have specialists to deal with Court of Protection, Commercial disputes and Judicial Review costs claims.

We also have our own in-house Costs Lawyers to provide advocacy services, either in-person or via telephone/video conferencing facilities, as well as housing our own IT and case management development team, to ensure seamless integration with your digital time recording system.


Are You Regulated?


Costs Lawyers are regulated by the Costs Lawyers Standards Board (CLSB) to ensure that they are held to the highest standards in respect of costs litigation and representation.

In addition, ARC Costs Limited ensure they comply with GDPR and respect the protection of personal data. We can be located on the ICO register under reference ZA362176.



Are There any Examples of Your Work?


You can find case studies of our work here, demonstrating the assistance we have provided in a number of fields, ranging from high value serious injury claims, to defending Litigants in Person in respect of Solicitors Act 1974 proceedings against them for allegedly breaching a Conditional Fee Agreement.

If you wish to trial our services, we would be more than happy to provide a discounted service on your first three instructions with no further obligations attached so that we can demonstrate the quality of service we provide.


Our Achievements


Our legal costing team of Costs Draughtsman and Costs Lawyers provide a wide range of legal costs services including:

  • Drafting & Negotiating Bills of Costs: We work to an SLA of preparing Bills of Costs in five working days for all matters up to £25,000 in value, with a two work on all other matters up to £200,000 in value. On average, we achieve recovery of 72% on the Bills we draft and negotiate.
  • Costs Budgets & Budget Discussion Reports: On average we recover 80%+ of the value of the Costs Budgets drafted by our team. On budgeted matters, the subsequent Bills produced often yield a recovery level of 85%+.
  • CPR 45 Fixed Recoverable Costs: Fixed Recoverable Costs are becoming a more and more common dispute in costs, and we have specialists who deal with these disputes, and who act on a CFA basis only. This means we don’t charge you a penny, unless we recover our fees in addition to your full fixed costs.
  • Legal Costs Training: We offer legal costs training to law firm clients at no charge. This means your team are kept up to date on relevant costs issues, which assists in maximising your recovery on the successful conclusion of a file.
  • Detailed Assessment Proceedings: Our in-house advocates provide representation at any detailed assessment or oral hearing, and our record speaks for itself:

– 90% Success rate of Detailed Assessment Hearings in beating offers made by the paying party.

– 81% Recovery Average on Cost Negotiation Cases taken to Assessment. 


How Do I Instruct the ARC Costs Team?


The ARC Costs team are always happy to help with any costs query, whether it is simply a question you wish to get advice on, or if you require a Costs Budget or Bill of Costs to be prepared. We represent both paying and receiving parties, and can assist with the negotiation of Bills of Costs as well as providing advocacy services at detailed assessment. We also accept instructions from Litigants in Person if they are seeking recovery of their legal fees, or defending a costs claim against them.

The team can be contacted via live chat, found in the bottom right corner, via email at, or by telephone on 01204 397302. For more information on our services, please visit our services page here or find out about our speciality areas of expertise on our legal costs page.




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