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Our team of Law Costs Draftsmen can help your Oxford law firm with all aspects of legal costs law.

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Costs Draftsman Oxford: What We Do

ARC Costs is a bespoke team of experienced Law Costs Draftsperson and technology experts who provide a traditional costs service with a modern and digital approach within the legal profession.

Our costs draftsmen focus on the recovery of costs payable by a paying party in any legal matter through the preparation of Costs Budgets (Precedent H), Statements of Costs (N260) and Bills of Costs. Our Law Costs Draftsmen also provide costs negotiation and advocacy services for detailed assessment in all legal matters.


Remote Law Costing


We have assisted numerous law firms in all locations within the UK through the use of our remote law costing. The fee earners and solicitors we have assisted have reported increased efficiency through the use of our remote service as working digitally creates a pragmatic approach to costing, reducing the need to scan and send bundles of files.

CFAs and Retainers

ARC Costs Draftsman, Oxford, provide services from the very outset of a case. We can provide assistance and advice on legal matters, such as the drafting of a retainer or Conditional Fee Agreement. We can help to ensure that CFAs and retainers are compliant and that all success fees are calculated appropriately so as to avoid the potential conflict with clients as to any damages deductions.

Costs Budgeting

We can assist by drafting a Precedent H Costs Budget, ensuring that all future costs are anticipated correctly and thus maximising your costs recovery on a successful outcome to the claim. We can also assist in the preparation of a Precedent R, to correctly negotiate a costs budget, as well as the preparation of a Precedent T, to assist in amending a Costs Budget.

Bill of Costs and Negotiation

We can assist by drafting and negotiating your Bill of Costs with a high degree of accuracy, with an SLA of five working days. We can provide both Points of Dispute and Points of Reply and will advise on the potential risks of rejecting any offer received. We can also ensure that an advocate is made available for detailed assessment, if required.

Fixed Recoverable Costs Claims

ARC Costs Lawyers, Oxford legal services include assistance in CPR 45 Fixed Costs claims. Following receipt of papers and/or electronic instructions. We also operate these instructions on a no-win-no-fee basis, so you won’t be charged if you don’t recover your fixed costs and disbursements.

Why Choose ARC Costs Draftsman Oxford?


ARC Costs provide a unique service, with extensive experience in legal costs dispute resolution and litigation. If you are searching for a Costs Draftsman in Oxford, look no further. We can assist in a wide range of costs matters, irrespective of whether you are a paying party or a receiving party.

Our qualified costs lawyers are authorised and regulated by the Costs Lawyers Standards Board.

We can be contacted by email at, or by telephone on 01204 397302. For more information and legal advice on legal costs and cost law services, please find out more about our speciality areas of expertise and our services on our legal costs page.

What We Do Best

Our dedicated and experienced law costing team provide a wide array of legal costs services to fee earners and solicitors. Find out more by following the links below. 

Bills of Costs

We pride ourselves in achieving an average recovery of 72% of all Bills

Costs Budgets

We achieve an average of 81% of the value of the Costs Budgets drafted

Costs Budget Negotiations

Our team have over 20 years of experience in Costs Budget Negotiations. 

CPR 45 Fixed Recoverable Costs

CPR 45 Fixed Recoverable Costs are becoming a more and more common dispute in costs

Legal Costs Training

We're experts in legal costs and pride ourselves in the results our team achieve

Detailed Assessment Proceedings

Our experienced costs team ensure that the best outcome is achieved on every case

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